The Process

Give me a call and lets lets have a conversation about the bike of your dreams. If you want a fit, I'll refer you to someone in your area. If you're near Portland, I highly recommend Molly Cameron at the Portland Bicycle Studio. I'll then generate a design drawing for your review. Once the design is sorted out, you sign off on it and I can begin construction.

The Transaction

I require a $1200 deposit to get started. Half of that is non-refundable. Once you submit the deposit, the materials needed to build your frame are set aside. Once the frame is finished, the balance is due at the time of shipping. If you're purchasing a complete bike, all components must be paid for in advance.

The Materials

I use only Cold Worked Stress Relieved (CWSR), US sourced, 3Al/2.5V Titanium tubing for all my frames. If you want something even more special, I can build with butted tubing for a slight up charge (see pricing page).

All of the hard points (dropouts, cable stops, BB shells) come from Paragon Machine Works in Richmond, CA. I prefer to build with Wright style dropouts as I feel that they contribute to a stiffer feeling frame under power.

I use only 6Al/4V Titanium filler rod in various diameters to weld the frames.

The Fabrication

Titanium is highly reactive with oxygen and I take great care during the weld process to ensure that there is never weld contamination. The oxygen inside the frame must be purged out and replaced with Argon during the welding process. My Anvil frame fixture is plumbed for Argon purge lines which help during the tacking procedure and I have fabricated a few purged heatsinks and purge blocks for welding outside the fixture. The heatsinks help minimize distortion through the welding process and every purge block supplies Argon to a specific part of the frame while it is being welded.

Some of the tooling I used to build frames can be viewed here.

You can view some unfinished welds here. Notice the color, or the LACK of color in them. This is extremely important. For a brief run down of titanium welding view this article from Miller Welding.

The Documentation

I will make every effort to document at least part of the frame building process for your frame. I wish I could document every step of fabrication for every frame I build, but the reality is that I only document some steps of some of the frames I build. Any documentation can be found on my Flickr web page.

The Components

I've developed preferences over the years of racing, wrenching and day to day riding. Some components just plain work while others manage to work well AND look great.

Edge Components: Their forks and rims are outstanding. If you're looking for the best wheelset available, look no further than Edge rims laced to Chris King hubs. The Edge cyclocross fork is seriously impressive.

King Precision Components: Hands down my favorite hubs, headsets and bottom brackets...period. Without exception, I have not owned a headset or hubset other than King on a personal bike since 1995. They are excellently made right here in Portland, OR and are worth every penny.